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Please Note: This antenna contains two cables. If you don’t know what interface you need, please see the following interface types or the device brand model in the parameters



Frequency Range:  698-960MHz , 1710-2700MHz

Gain: 10-12dBi 

VSWR: <2.5

Polarization Type: Vertical or Horizontal 

Radiation: Omni 

Maximum lmput power: 10W

Input lmpedance: 50 Ohms

Cable Type: RG174(BEST)100% cooper

Material: Metal+Plastic

Working Temperature: -40?~65?

Horizontal Half Power Angle: 360°

Vertical Half Power Angle:70±15°

Connector: CRC9 male/ TS9 male/SMA male 

Cable length:  5 meters /10 meters

Use place: Indoor or Outdoor 


To support the router, Models, as below :

TWO SMA male :


Hua-wei E5186, B890, B593U-12,B593s-22, B593u-91,  B593u, B315

Voda-fone B4000, Voda-fone B3000, Voda-fone B2000 Voda-fone B1000,  E5172A S-22,

Hua-wei E5172S-22, B525s-65a,

HUA-WEI E5172 Hua-Wei E398, E3276, E392,E3272, E8278, E5786, E5372, E5375 , E1550, E156G, E160, E160E, E160G, E169, E1762, E176G, E1820, E600, E612, E618, E620, E630 and so on

TWO TS-9 male :
Voda-fone R215, Voda-fone R212 Voda-fone K5150, Voda-fone K5005, Voda-fone K5006Z, Vodafone R226  ,
Z-TE MF821D,  MF821, MF910, MF90,  MF93E ,MF91D,  MF91,  MF9 1T,  MF93D,ZTE MF91S ,Flare, Z-TE MF827,  MF825C MF95, MF75 ,
Hua-wei E5573-852 E5573-853 E5573-856 EC5377, EC5373,E5375, E5577,E5771-852,E5571-856,E5571 -937, E8372  and so on
TWO CRC9 male:
Net-gear Air-card 340u, Net-gear Air-card 341u, 313u,320u,  330u, Sierra 754s  760s, 762s,  763s , 770s, 77 1s,
Net-gear 782s Net-gear 781s, 785s  778s,  790S (AC790S) 
HUA-WEI E3276,
Voda-fone K5007 
Hua-wei EC3372, E3372 , EC315, EC8201, E355, E353,  E160, E160E, E160G, E1612, E161, E169, E176, E176, E1762, E196G, E1820, EC321, EC881E, E600, E612, E618, E620, E621, E630,  E660A, E660, K3520, UMG 181, UMG 1691, UMG1691, UMG181 and so on 


Package include:                                   


1* 3G 4G antenna with SMA male/ CRC9 male/ TS9 male connector ( as per you ordered )