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1.DIY kit, need to have welding ability;

2. NO Need to burn-firmware,

3.All SMD electronic components soldered, chip soldered !

4.Circuit schematic and firmware, please contact us.

5. with 0.96 OLED

we have assembled one , here is the link:


KIT of ATU (Automatic Antenna Tuner) developed by N7DDC
All information about project you can find on GitHub (N7DDC).
Power supply range: 10 - 15 VDC
Max current : 450mA
Max working power: 100 watts
Max measured power: 150 watts
Minimum power for tuning start: 1 watt
Recommended maximum power while tuning not above 30 watts. (after tuning you can set 100 watts and work on this power)
Minimum measured power: 0.1 watt
Step for measurement on powers under 10 watts: 0.1 watt
Step for measurement on powers above 10 watts : 1 watt
Power measurement accuracy : 10%
Maximum inductance set: 8.5 uH
Minimal step for setting inductance: 0.1 uH
Maximum installed capacity: 1870 pF
Minimal step for setting capacity: 10 pF
100 Watts tuner, 7x7 (7 capacitors x 7 coils) based on PIC 16F1938.
Dimentsion - 120 mm x 62 mm.
KIT included:
PCB for ATU-100 7x7 HF autotuner
+ set of toroids:
- T68-2 (6pcs);
- BN43-202 (1pcs).
+  set of parts:
- PIC16F1938 (1pcs) soldered on PCB with default firmware v3.0
- 100R 2512 1% (4pcs).
- relay HK4100F-DC12V (15pcs)