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Wireless Charging Treasure with wire

1. Power display: invisible power display breathing light 2. Product color: simple white, retro green, business black 3. Battery: Lithium poly battery 4. Output comes with cable: Android *1, For IOS *1, Type-C *1 5. Input comes with cable: USB input port *1 (can be connected to other devices such as computer charging treasure) 6. Comes with wireless charging: widely compatible with devices that support wireless charging 7. Output voltage / current: 5V/2.1A-2.4A MAX (USB output port) 8. Output voltage / current: 5V/2.0A (Android output) 9. Output voltage / current: 5V/2.0A (Type-C output) 10. Output voltage / current: 5V/2.0A (For IOS output) 11. Output voltage / current: 5V/1.0A (wireless charging output) 12. Battery Capacity: About 20000mAh(10000mAh)/3.7V 13. Rated Capacity: About 13500mAh(6500mAh)/5V

User manual

1. The USB and type C input ports can be connected to store power for the product. 2. Use the built-in USB output port and its own cable to connect other devices to charge the mobile device. 3.Click to open the mobile power supply device. If the wireless charging is used, the wireless charging symbol will be displayed. 4. Long press for 3 seconds to enter the low current state, and support charging small electronic products (the screen will flash)

Matters needing attention

The first use of this product, cycle, charge and discharge once, can better improve the service life of the product! Please read all the instructions carefully before using the product! Please do not disassemble the product!

Built-in Cordless Wireless Power Bank

Available in two sizes (10000mAh / 20000 mAh) Available on Board Feature1: Wireless Charging Feature2: Comes with charging cable Feature3: Three outputs and two inputs Feature4: Invisible power display Three colors are available: Simple White, Retro Green, Business Black

Built-in USB cable / Charge while putting

Charge yourself quickly 5V/2.1A USB input cable

Invisible digital display / Showing elegance

Remaining power at a glance

Simple appearance / Powerful inner core

High density lithium polymer battery Safe and leak-free, safe to use

Product analysis

1. switch 2. USB output 3.Type-c input 4. LED display 5. Android output 6. Type-c output 7. USB input 8. iPhone output 9. Wireless charging output

Common problems and Solutions

Fault Charge the product for a long time?The LED screen does not display full Reason 1. the charging time is not enough 2. charger or this product malfunction Resolvent 1.Charge the product for more than 8 hours accumulatively with the capacity of 10000 and more than 16 hours accumulatively with the capacity of 20000. 2.Consultation with distributors or after sales service. Fault Unable to check the remaining power of this product 1.the remaining power is zero 2.power button or indicator light failure 3.the power failure of this product Resolvent 1.Recharge 2.Consultaticn with distributors or after sales service Fault When charging for other equipment, the product can charging or powering, but not full of it Reason The power consumption of this product is exhausted Resolvent Recharge the product again Fault This product still has a certain amount of electricity, the use of its external power supply, the emergence of this product suddenly stop working and unable to display power Reason External short- circuit or excessive load, Cause automatic protection of this product Resolvent Recharge the product to activate it