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?Product Features?:

1?23 in 1 Phone Repair Opening Tools Kit.

2?Easy to use and handle.

3?Screwdrivers with anti-slip handle and magnetic tips.

4?Made of high quality material, durable and high precision.

5?Professional repair tools aim to giving assistance during devices repairing.

6?Ideal for repairing watches, mobile phones, tablets PC,glasses,camera...etc  

7?Tools in different sizes for all needs


?Screwdriver Set?: 7pcs
Screwdriver Handle x 1pcs
Tri-wing Y-type 2.0mm ——Straight 2.0mm
Phillips 1.5mm——Straight 1.5mm
Phillips 1.5mm——Pentalobe 0.8mm
Phillips 2.0mm——Pentalobe 1.2mm
?Opening Lcd Screen Plier Suction Cup??
Plier x1pcs(Replacement plier's suction cup x2pcs ),Big Suction Cup x 1pcs,Small Suction Cup x 1 pcs
Before open the tablet computer, please make sure to remove all the screws.
Because the back of some mobile phones are made by grinding process Aluminum Alloy, sometimes PVC sucker is not working as usual.For the use of these mobile phone, please put a transparent protective film in the front screen.
?Chrome Vanadium Steel Dual Ends Spudger?: 3pcs
The dual ends metal spudger, which is sturdy and durable. And the middle part of the plastic is designed to be non-slip, which provides stronger steering power. The plastic pry tools are thin and flexible.
?Anti-static Tweezers?: 1pcs
The tweezer is made of metal and plastic. It has sharp end of different sizes and can enter the gap, which suitable for many repair operation.
?Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar?:6pcs
Plastic pry bar is not conductive can be used in removing mainboards and ribbon wires.
?Metal Blade?:1pcs
?Triangle Plastic Pry Pick ?:1pcs
This Plastic Pick Pry Tool is triangle in shape, Use Plastic Triangle Opening Tool to pry open your phone cover clip easily without damaging your case or phone. This Plastic Pick Pry Tool has a unique shape that assists in making the installation of any replacement part a safe and easy task.

?Package Included??

?Pls check the option !!!

One option : 11pcs Disassembly Tools Kit

Second option: 12 in 1 Opening Disassembly Tools Kit

Third option:23 pcs Phone Opening Disassembly Tools Kit