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When you receive the walkie-talkie, please remove the plastic firstly, then start use. Any questions, please contact us.

Business Communication Solution

1. Multiple Safety Protection,more Secure 2. Save Space 3. Timely communication

Portable Commercial Walkie Talkie

Small body Big power You can put it in your pocket or hang it on your belt.

16 Channel

Meet the communication requirements of different departments at the same time. They will not interfere with each other.

Strong signal penetration

Coverd area:500,000? City area:0-1.2km Building area:1-20floors

Why we need to use the license-free PMR/FRS walkie-talkies?

1: No need to spend time getting a license 2: No legal issue and additional frequency useage fees. 3: Personal use will not interfere with public-service transmissions

1000mAh Rechargeable Battery

Retevis never exaggerate battery capacity.

Application Scenario

Fashion design,and Professional appearance make it suitable for various scene. Resturant,Supermarket,Hotel,Coffee house,Club,Shopping Center,Construction site etc.....

Specification for RT622/RT22

Specification for 6-way Charger

Integrated adapter,no need converters

Adapter cable length:143cm/56.3inch

Packing List

Optional accessories

Notice: Any questions, please contact us FIRST. we will try our best to solve your problem.
1:Does the radio set include the programming cable?
Answer: The standard package does not include the programming cable. If you need the programming cable, please choose package C/D/G/H/K.
2: How to activate VOX function?
Answer: You can turn on/off VOX through short key combination.Here are the steps:
     ?: Change the radio to channel 7
     ?: Turn off the radio.
     ?: Press the "+" button,while turn on the radio,after hearing the voice prompt "vox on"/"vox off", release the + button.
3: Can i use the earphone to achieve the VOX(voice activate transmission)?
Answer:Yes,you can speak directly to the earphone microphone after you have opend the radio VOX.
4: How about the talk range?
Answer:Talk Range depend on many factors,like the output power,obstacles,weather,battery power and so on.Usually RT622 can up to 0-1.2 km in the city area,0-2 Km in the village area.
5: How to program the RT622/RT22 walkie-talkies?
Answer:You can refer to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqFXTq6Fj58
6: Where can download the third-party software?
Answer:If you need the programing software,pls contact the customer service. 
7: In what frequency range can i program the radio?
Answer: UHF 400-480MHz
8: Can RT622/RT22 talk to other brand walkie-talkies?
Answer: Only when the frequency and sub-audio are the same, the two-way radios can talk to each other.
9: Is RT622 compatible with other Retevis walkie-talkies?      
Answer: By default, no need to reprogram,RT622 is compatible with all retevis 16-channel PMR walkie-talkies, and RT22 is compatible with all 16-channel FRS walkie-talkies.
10:What is the difference between RT622 and RT22?
Answer: RT622 is PMR446 license-free two way radio, 0.5W power,446MHz,only have the EU type  charger,suitable for europe.But RT22 is FRS license-free two way radio,0.5W/2W power,462MHz?only have the US type charger,suitable for USA and Canada.Other countries can choose according to the type of charger,for example, buyer in Korea/Chile pls choose RT622.