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Brand new black EVA packaging, customized 4.3 inch screen protector.
NanoVNA-F Hardware Release Notes
PCB with "by BH5HNU" mark
PCB with "by BH5HNU" mark
PCB with "by BH5HNU" mark
Release date 2019.09 2020.03 2020.03
Compatible with latest firmware Compatible with latest firmware Compatible with latest firmware
Characteristic 1. thumbwheel switch
2. RF bridge -13dBm output (Fundamental frequency)
1. thumbwheel switch
2. optimized RF bridge 0dBm output (Fundamental frequency), more accurate reflection measurement.
3. lower standby power consumption
1. push-button switch & larger power switch, better operation
2. optimized RF bridge 0dBm output (Fundamental frequency), more accurate reflection measurement.
3. lower standby power consumption
4. USB-A is used as a CAN interface, and iPhone charging is no longer supported
  Sold out Normal supply Normal supply
Any other version is not produced by us, please be careful to identify. Deepelec.com
Thumbwheel Version Push-button Version
????-??_450 ????-??_450
The new hardware increases the measured output power, and there is still a good dynamic when the frequency reaches 1.5GHz. The actual measurement is shown in the figure.
PORT1 is connected to the matched load:
Measuring 20dB attenuator:
Latest firmware 0.2.0 beta, visit: deepelec.com/2020/07/14/nanovna-f-0_2_0_beta/
#### Firmware v0.2.0 beta update instructions:
1. Add data storage function, can save s1p, s2p files to SPI Flash in real time, which is convenient for offline analysis;
2. Adapt NanoVNA-Saver screenshot function, need to use [nanovna-saver-0.3.4-bh5hnu.exe] compiled by BH5HNU; https://groups.io/g/nanovna-f/files/PC%20Software
3. Support LCD backlight adjustment, adjustment range 1-100, default 75;
4. Revise the voltage display as the power display, support 8-level power display;
5. The calibration data interpolation uses the latest saved data instead of the default position of 0, which is more in line with operating habits;
6. Some UI optimizations such as Marker;
7. The maximum settable frequency can be expanded to 2.7GHz;
8. Two different sets of gain tables are used for hardware V2.2 and hardware V2.3&V3.1, please be sure to select the corresponding firmware to upgrade, please consult your seller for how to check the hardware version;
Important hint !
This firmware is only applicable to NanoVNA-F machines manufactured  by BH5HNU. 
Any third-party NanoVNA-F hardware has not been tested, and any problems with third-party hardware using this firmware will not be explained by BH5HNU. Thank you for your cooperation.
Add data storage function, can save s1p, s2p files to SPI Flash in real time, you can view the file list on the device, or you can use the PC to operate the file through the virtual disk.
Latest 0.1.1 firmware, visit: deepelec.com/2020/02/02/nanovna-f-0_1_0/
1. Add TDR feature
2. Add marker tracking feature & dynamic update of frequency and other information when the mark moves
3. Add ordinate display
4. Support to 10kHz~1.5GHz frequency
5. Some font, color, and layout optimizations
6. suggestions from groups.io/nanovna-f & facebook group members and much more, thank you for your feedback
(1) a beep to the end of each standard measurement in calibration
(2) callsign.txt expanded to more chars, not limited to call sign display, can display your phone and email address, etc.
After-sales questions, please contact us:
Discussion group : groups.io/g/nanovna-f
Facebook Group : NanoVNA-F
NanoVNA-F Manual v1.0 Download
New packaging, new case, complete accessories, have been shipped from January 6, 2020.
1. NanoVNA-F host 4.3 inch (with Shielding protective film) x 1
2. USB Type-C data cable x1
3. 20cm SMA male to male RG316 RF cable x2
4. SMA male calibration kit - OPEN x1
5. SMA male calibration kit - SHORT x1
6. SMA male calibration kit - LOAD x1
7. SMA-JJ male to male connector x1
8. SMA-KK female to female connector x1
9. SMA-JKW male to female right angle connector x1


New 1.5GHz measurement frequency on sale~~~ Click here for more details
support measurable frequency to 1.5 GHz, default setting 1 GHz, accurate measurement up to 1.35GHz.
New version of PCB for more reliable measurements.
Added reactance trace, testing with RF Demo Kit
CQ CQ CQ, This is BH5HNU, Brave Hotel Five Hotel Novemter Uniform,  the original author of NanoVNA-F .
NanoVNA-F "Handheld Vector Network Analyzer" is a product based on the Open Source Project of NanoVNA(https://ttrf.tk/kit/nanovna/).
Thanks to hugen's creative idea of use the harmonic of Si5351, We build NanoVNA-F and expand the measure frequency up to 1GHz, which S11 still have 40dB dynamic range At 1GHz.
Your can ask any questions about NanoVNA-F at: https://groups.io/g/nanovna-f
Or watch the Video: https://youtu.be/LwgF8JfZZaQ
NanoVNA-F hardware features include and are not limited to the following improvements:
1. Use 4.3-inch IPS TFT LCD & resistive touch screen, with a larger view angle and can be seen clearly in strong outdoor light.
2. Switch to large capacity   5000mAh  /3.7V lithium battery (The battery is an optional accessory, some International express cannot transport the battery, we also provide a battery holder, you can use the common mobile phone battery as an alternative, which size limit < L(90mm)*W(54mm)*H(5.6mm)) , standby time is longer, and expand a USB interface. Usually, it can be used as a power bank when the instrument is not used.
3. The Lipo Charing IC to changed to IP5306(with 2A high charing current) , make the charging time shorter.
4. Use a larger and better operating level.
5. Use a larger and better operating Power Switch.
6. Support Chinese and English menu switching;
7. Upgrade the user program by virtual U disk?16MB SPI Flash Memory Inside?.
8. Standard aluminium shell to protect SMA head and reduce the interference of external electromagnetic wave to instrument.
9. Firmware are fully open source at github.com/flyoob/NanoVNA-F please star me ~~~
NanoVNA-F hardware block diagram:
The NanoVNA-F measurement range is 50k-1GHz. Use the harmonic of the clock chip SI5351 the measure frequency up to 1000MHz. At 600M-1GHz, the S11 has a dynamic range of 40dB (the standing wave ratio is less than 1.02). The RF front end is designed with a metal shield that allows the S21 to have a dynamic range better than 60dB over the full frequency range.
Basic performance:
? Size: 14CM * 7.5CM * 2CM (length, width and height)
? Measurement frequency: 50kHz ~ 1000MHz
? RF output: -13dbm (maximum -9dbm)
? Frequency accuracy: < 0.5ppm
? Port SWR: < 1.1
? Display: 4.3 inch IPS TFT (800x480)
? USB interface: USB Type-C communication mode: CDC (serial)
? Power consumption: USB 5V 200mA, built-in 5000mAh/3.7V battery, theoretical battery life 18 hours, maximum charging current 2A
? Output capacity: 5V/1A, support for Android, Apple mobile phone
? Number of calibration points: 101
? Number of scanning points: 101
? Display Tracking: 4, Marking: 4, Setting Save: 5
? Scanning time: about 1.9s/1 times (50kHz ~ 1000MHz full frequency band)
Can measure S parameters, voltage standing wave ratio SWR, phase map, group delay, Smith chart...
Original 5000mAh/3.7V large capacity lithium battery, with battery rack, easy to install and replace.
Designing a metal shield for the RF front end, allowing the S21 to have a dynamic range better than 60dB over the full frequency range.
Power Bank function 5V/1A, support for Android, Apple mobile phone
Open Coaxial cable length measure:
1, NanoVNA-F S11 parameters, SWR standing wave ratio measure:
WOUXUN UV9D-Plus antenna UHF standing wave ratio measurement, starting frequency: 300M, stop frequency: 600M, the green curve in the figure below is the standing wave ratio, the lowest frequency of the standing wave is at 444.000000MHz, SWR=1.03.
WOUXUN UV9D-Plus antenna interface is an SMA standard male (internal screw) that can be directly connected to the instrument or connected via the included SMA elbow for easy testing.
Baofeng UV-5R VHF antenna VSWR measurement, the antenna interface is SMA standard female, can be connected to the instrument through the attached SMA-JJ adapter. The lowest point of the standing wave is 134.200000MHz, SWR=1.68.
2, S21 insertion loss measurement, low pass, high pass, band pass filter measurement
Measuring 6.5M Ceramic Notch with NanoVNA-F
Measuring 10.7M ceramic filter using NanoVNA-F
A self-made low-pass filter was measured using the NanoVNA-F with a 3dB bandwidth of approximately 400MHz.
3, Performance indicators comparison, Keysight E5071C four-port vVector network analyzer vs NanoVNA-F
R433 Surface-Acoustic-Wave Resonator Measurement Comparison,
Right click to open the original picture.
The actual frequency response curve in the Surface-Acoustic-Wave Resonator data sheet:
The real measurement result of NanoVNA-F, the blue curve is S21, and the transmission measurement (insertion loss).
LoRa U Band duplexer measure comparison, RX: 480M TX: 505M Keysight E5071C four-port network
LoRa U Band duplexer measure comparison, RX: 480M TX: 505M NanoVNA-F
 S11 U Band duplexer data comparison , E5071C(501 points) vs NanoVNA-F(101 points), import to Matlab.
NanoVNA-F 's Data is interpolated.
S21 U Band duplexer data comparison, E5071C(501 points) vs NanoVNA-F(101 points), import to Matlab.
NanoVNA-F 's Data is interpolated.
It can be seen that after calibration, NanoVNA-F can get good measurement results.
4?Package list
? NanoVNA-F x1
? SMA-JJ RG316 cable 20CM x2 (NanoVNA-F is a standard SMA female connector, external screw inner hole, use this cable to switch to M head, N head to better protect SMA female)
? 1 set of calibration parts (50Ω standard load x1, sma open x1, sma short x1, use the included calibration piece, the instrument can be calibrated to get good measurement result data, the instrument has been fully frequency-calibrated before shipment and Store the data in parameter 0. If you change the measurement conditions, such as adding a patch cord and modifying the frequency range, you may need to recalibrate and store the parameters in 0-4. All parameters can be called up by the “recall” function.)
? SMA-JJ double needle x1
? SMA-KK double hole x1
? SMA-JKW inner hole to inner screw inner needle x1
? Type-C data cable x1
? NanoVNA-F Quick Start Guide x1(English)
At the same time, To Protect your device a set of packing boxes with EPE protection equipment and parts is included.
Display test of LCD screen under sunlight.
New packaging, complete accessories, have been shipped from January 6, 2020.
5. About PC control software
After Firmware v0.0.3, NanoVNA-F support PC control softwares build for NanoVNA.
NanoVNASharp v1.0.3(by Hugen)
nanoVNA_mod_v2(by alex_m)
nanovna-saver(by Rune B. Broberg)
?Right click to open the original picture.
For more info, visit https://github.com/flyoob/NanoVNA-F
6. NanoVNA-F Menu Structure Quick start guide
Right click to open the original picture.
Have Fun with your new Toy! 73~
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